Are Hair Weaves Really That Much of A Hassle?

Hair weaves are one of the many fabulous wonders in the beauty industry that make it possible for women, and now also many men, to go from glum to glamorous in a matter of hours. Being able to go from nearly bald to having five or more years worth of hair length in such a short period of time can be considered nothing other than amazingly creative. Even more amazing are the beauticians in the industry that have developed the skills and experience to make the weave look, feel and act like a clients real hair.

Is this advanced beauty technique a hassle? It would surely depend on who you ask and if you have had them yourself. I have noticed a few strange behaviors that have accompanied women with weaves. I guess the age-old saying still holds just as true as it did many years ago, “beauty comes at a price”.

Are you a man or woman that can relate to the following story:

You’re driving down the street, riding on a bus or standing in line at a concert and notice a woman patting herself all over her head like she is on fire? Sometimes you hear the thumping sound coming from her head as she pats harder and harder out of what seems to be frustration and determination to flatten her hair style more than it already is. Yes, my mouth fell open and my eyes widened also the first time I experienced such a vision myself.

After noticing this behavior a number of times after that first experience, I could not help but ask one of the women who appeared to be someone who would not take offense to such an obvious display of curiosity coming from a stranger, ” Are you okay? Is there something crawling in your hair?”.

The woman simply smiled and said, “My head itches“. As bad as I wanted to say, “Why don’t you just scratch your head with your fingers like everyone else in this world?”, I kept my mouth shut and decided to ask my new girlfriend why she and other women do that. Thanks to my curiosity, I learned a few new things that day about hair weaves like Indique and how much trouble our mates go through to look good for us.

1. To keep from damaging all the hours of work their beautician put into extending their hair, people try to avoid digging into their hair to scratch with their fingertips and nails because doing so would loosen or possibly break off the weave at the base.

2. I also learned why my new girlfriend was so against me running my fingers through her hair like I wanted to do so badly. I thought she had some kind of phobia or maybe that she didn’t really like me that much at all. Low and behold, it turned out that she also had a weave all along. I must say, her weave was quite beautiful and very well done.

All that I can say is kudos to all the beauticians that make our women look so good.